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Holistic Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain Relief in Barnegat, New Jersey

Why has "Oh, my aching back!" become such a popular phrase? Back pain has become a common complaint. Statistics tell us that 80% of men, woman, and children will experience back pain in their lives. We always know when our backs hurt, but we rarely know why. At Barnegat Family Chiropractic Center in Barnegat, New Jersey, we offer top-grade chiropractic treatment for back pain relief. Call our office at 609-698-5550 and start treating your back pain with chiropractic back pain relief from one of our doctors.

Back Pain Causes - The Subluxation Complex

There are several mechanical malfunctions that cause back pain. Many people cite direct pinching of the nerve as the cause of their back pain, but in fact, "pinched nerves" only account for 10% of it. Edema or swelling occurs from inflammation due to simple strain or subluxation and fixation. This is a component of what we call the "subluxation complex." This means that the vertebrae are not moving in a natural motion.

The Chiropractic Solution

Chiropractors know how to make this pain go away. By eliminating the components of the subluxation complex and allowing the central nervous system to function the way nature intended, we relieve your back pain symptoms and remove the cause without drugs, without surgery, and without doubt. Relieve your back pain systems today but scheduling an appointment at Barnegat Family Chiropractic Center at 609-698-5550.

Contact our doctors at Barnegat Family Chiropractic Center at 609-698-5550 to learn more about our chiropractic treatment for back pain relief in Barnegat, NJ.
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